Progressive Aboriginal Relations Support Program

At M.R.& Co., we understand that many organizations would like to improve their Indigenous Relations, for the right reasons, in the right way.

One of the questions that we are regularly asked by forward thinking organizations is: “how do we know that we are ready to be a better partner to Indigenous people, organizations and/or communities?”.

The answer we often give is that being a great partner is an ongoing process that requires a commitment every day, and that there is a thoughtful set of goals and metrics that have been developed by one of our partners, the Canadian Council on Aboriginal Business (CCAB), via their Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Program, that provides a good framework to evaluate your organization.

Generally speaking, the PAR program is a corporate social responsibility program which certifies corporate performance in Indigenous relations at the Bronze, Silver or Gold level. PAR certification provides a high level of assurance to Indigenous communities because the designation is supported by an independent, third party verification of company reports and the final company level is determined by a jury comprised of Indigenous business people. This certification provides a true competitive advantage for organizations who achieve the highest standards.

For more information about the CCAB PAR program, please use the following links: overview, value and benefits, applicant guide, and companies in the program.

M.R.& Co. has partnered with CCAB in the development of a unique PAR Support Program for PAR committed organizations. In addition to our years of experience in working with Indigenous people, communities and organizations, our team is well versed with the PAR program, its certification criteria, best practices for PAR companies, and the evaluation process. This allows us to effectively support organizations as they go through their PAR improvement processes in areas such as;

  • what to expect and planning for a successful process,
  • supporting the establishment of an internal PAR committee,
  • supporting the development of appropriate action and communications plans,
  • self-assessment support,
  • Indigenous Relations policy & strategy development support,
  • executive and employee Indigenous training & education support,
  • Indigenous organization procurement support,
  • Indigenous community relationship development support, 
  • supporting internal policy & practice reviews, and,
  • Indigenous employee recruitment and retention support

If you have any questions, or would like to book a conversation to discuss your needs or the needs of your organization, please click the link below.