Indigenous Relations

Effective Indigenous engagement strategies focus on building the relationship. Only when trusting, positive relationships are established, can project or development considerations be explored.

We help organizations better understand, support and partner with Indigenous people, businesses and communities. Our approach to community engagement is grounded in respect. We respect the the rights of Indigenous Peoples. We respect cultural differences. We understand and appreciate the ongoing impacts of colonialism, and the influence of these impacts on engagement and partnership.

We also have a keen appreciation for the mutually beneficial economic opportunities that exist between Indigenous people, organizations and communities and non-Indigenous ones. Through strategic Indigenous partnerships and Indigenous education, we help organizations: 

  • grow their revenues,
  • increase and diversify their talent pool, 
  • improve their supply chains, 
  • manage and mitigate intercultural risk, and,
  • meet Truth & Reconciliation-informed corporate social responsibility goals.

Our Indigenous Relations consulting services include:

  • pre-engagement research,
  • development of Indigenous community engagement strategies,
  • community engagement strategy implementation support,
  • project-based advising,
  • facilitation of community engagement and consultation processes, and,
  • negotiation and consultation support.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a conversation to discuss your needs or the needs of your organization, please click the link below.