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Partners in developing sustainable Indigenous relations and communities

How We Help

Indigenous Relations

We help organizations enhance their intercultural capacity in order to help organizations develop positive, respectful and sustainable relationships with Indigenous communities that support the realization of mutually beneficial initiatives and projects, enhance and diversify talent and procurement prospects, while addressing potential conflicting interests.

Indigenous Education and Training

We help senior leaders, organizations and teams to better engage and partner with Indigenous people, communities and businesses through online and in-person industry-specific intercultural education programs that align with the goals of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action.

Economic & Community Development

We help communities add strategic and operational capacity and facilitate community joint ventures in support of projects or initiatives that help improve the economic potential, vibrancy and sustainability of the community.

Progressive Aboriginal Relations Support Program

We help organizations who are striving to achieve the highest standards of Canada’s premier Indigenous Corporate Social Responsibility program, the Progressive Aboriginal Relations certification offered by the Canadian Council on Aboriginal Business.

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